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Gingrich Rallies CT GOP
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Gingrich’s speech came the day after he said he should not have called Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a racist. He didn’t mention that judicial appointment in his remarks, nor did he address Obama’s speech in Cairo earlier in the day.

But in his remarks to the Connecticut Republican Party at a Stamford fundraising dinner, he didn’t let the president got off the hook. Gingrich compared the Obama administration to Jimmy Carter’s, and described it this way:    

“Weakness in foreign policy. Appease your enemies. Be confused about reality. Pretend you can repeal economics. And design a whole series of programs – all of which sound really good, none of which work.”

Gingrich didn’t blame the nation’s current challenges on Obama, though. He said it wasn’t Democrats’ fault.

“The country is in desperate trouble because Republicans forgot they are the party of reform and they have to represent the whole country.”

Gingrich offered a solution for Connecticut’s budget impasse, at the risk, he joked, of being a meddling Washington politician. 

“I have a simple challenge for the Democrats in your state legislature. Before they raise a penny in taxes, open up the books. Bring in the citizens and allow citizens to go through and decide, how many things would they quit doing instead of raise taxes, and you’ll be shocked at how many things would cease to happen.”

Governor Jodi Rell also addressed the friendly crowd, and thanked them for supporting her spending cuts during what she called the most difficult legislative session of her political career.