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Getting the Skinny on Health Care with Julie Rovner
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Today NPR Health Care Correspondent Julie Rovner took to the phones on Where We Live to talk about her new book Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z and also to lay out the differences on the McCain and Obama Healthcare plans. 

As I was taking calls during the show I realized again that people are confused about the details of each of these plans.  And essentially the big question for the retired woman, for the man with cancer and bipolar disorder, for the young person about to enter the working world... "How do these plans translate into MY life?  What will it mean for me?" 

And then there is the issue of single-payer healthcare.  Some people get scared by the concept of "universal" health care - and Julie Rovner didn't seem to see this as a reality for our country any time soon.  Warren, a professor at the University of Hartford, called in and noted that advocates for universal health care have grown substantially in the past years... and even though there isn't enough support on the national level yet, he sees a trend going in that direction.  We shall see.  Julie Rovner mentioned a story she did on NPR:  Candidates' Health Care Plans: Private Vs. Public

More on universal healthcare... listen to our show "Health Care Around the World" with FRONTLINE correspondent T.R. Reid (one of my favorites).  And of course our political analyst Bill Curry has a lot to say about the possibility of universal health care in Connecticut.  DSS Commissioner Mike Starkowski came in studio as well to talk about the states' Charter Oak Health Plan.