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Foxwoods Supports Haitian Employees After Quake
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At least two workers at Foxwoods Resort Casino are known to have lost family in the Haitian earthquake.  Many more are still trying to contact relatives in the stricken nation.  WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

Foxwoods’ workforce is highly international, and the casino employs more than 200 workers with Haitian connections.  So far, two employees have learned that relatives died in Tuesday’s quake – but communications in Haiti have been so badly affected it’s been difficult for many to establish what may have happened to their families.  Steve Heise of Foxwoods HR operation says there’s a somber mood among the workforce:

"We have some specialists from the employee assistance plan here that are helping them go through that process – you know, the grieving process, as well as just the stress that they’re under.  We’re adjusting schedules for them.  We also have a Foxwoods emergency assistance fund, where we can immediately get funds to them where its needed to help with their families, as well as starting the collection up for the Haitian relief fund, through the United Way campaign here, so we’ve got that up and running right away."

Heise says he expects that some employees will be flying back to Haiti as soon as it’s practical to return to the quake zone.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.