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FEMA insider, outsider spar over details of storm relief efforts
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Libby Conn did a great job getting together a pretty complex program about Hurricanes and preparedness.  I was especially impressed with Marty Bahamonde from FEMA, a pretty level-headed guy with a great story.  Odd, though, that FEMA would employ a spokesman with such a history of tough talk about the agency.  He and FEMA critic Ben Smilowitz had some great back-and-forth.

Wednesday's show is a great opportunity to follow up on a previous interview we just didn't have much time for.  When I was filling in for Faith Middleton over the summer, I interviewed workplace consultant Barbara Phillips about the problems of an office environment where four different generations work side-by-side.  Now, we'll have a chance to hear from all four generations in studio - and take calls.