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Federal Lawsuit Against Danbury, ICE Moving Forward
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A Magistrate judge ruled that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will have to produce paperwork and testify under oath about the arrests of eleven Ecuadorian day laborers in his city in November of 2006.

The day laborers allege an undercover Danbury police officer posed as a contractor offering work to the men. Once inside the van, the undocumented men were arrested by U.S. immigration and Customs officials known as ICE.

Since the arrests, nine of the laborers have been represented by Yale Law School's Worker and Immigrant Rights Clinic.

Yale law student intern, Heidi Iravani, explains why the judge's motion will help move their lawsuit forward.

"We're looking to explore whether these raids were part of a larger campaign to harass and push out the Ecuadorian community in Danbury.  And we're also curious about the extent to which the city violated federal law in addition to constitutional law in collaborating with ICE without permission in order to enforce civil immigration law."

Danbury Mayor Boughton contends the city has complied with the plaintiffs' requests.

"This has nothing to do with documents. We've already provided all of the documents under the Freedom of Information Act
that Yale requested. We even had a hearing at the FOI (Freedom of Information) Commission which Danbury was vindicated in. We've given them everything we have. This really has to do with interviewing people named in the suit on both sides."

Danbury and the federal government have filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. Meanwhile the plaintiff day laborers are still in the U.S. as their attorneys work to prevent their deportation.  



Illegal Immigrants

 "Illegal" does mean against the law doesn't it?.

 Or does "illegal" only apply to a "legal" U.S. citizen?

 Prostitutes should seek the same zealous "legal" representation that these "illegal" immigrants are recieving (and I'm sure it's free of charge to boot) because I'm sure prostitutes feel they too are hard working and productive members of society. Thus deserving of the same considerations toward their "illegal" activities as we are providing for the "illegal" immigrants in this country.

 I'm sure these "illegal" immigrants also expect the various law enforcement agencies to protect them just as they would a "legal" citizen. Seems like a two edged sword.

Shame on us for attempting to trample these peoples rights and cudos for Yale Law School for finding such an exemplary area to focus it's endevours !!!


Ecuadorian Community in Danbury

 These are working people not criminals. American Capitalists demand free trade in all contries across all boarders. Why shouldn't workers be able to cross boarders? The problem is capitalism not day laborers. Their system is in crisis so they want to devert attention to anyone other than themselves. They were able to find 700 billion for themselves in two weeks while we still wait for health care to become a human right. Socialist Cuba shows the way forward. Educate more people to become Doctors instead of engineers for the defense department. See that they are paid and have clinics in every neighborhood. If Cuba can do this why can't it be done here? Simple the rulung capitalist class could care less about the working classes health after all they can have their own private doctor and buy all the health care they want.  

Illegal Immigrants

Why are law enforcement agencies the villains for enforcing the laws of this nation? If they are illegal immigrants of any nationality, they should be deported. All 12 million of them.

Illegal Immigrants

 I guess I just don't understand ?

What exactly does "Illegal" mean?

I thought that this meant against the law - who knew that it only implies that for some of the people.

I'm sure if I were part of something "Illegal" that I would be held to a different standard than "some of the people" since I am a U.S. citizen.

These people want the law to protect them but only when it suits them.