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Federal Funding for Northeast Consortium of "Green" Jobs
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The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded Connecticut and eight other states nearly $4 million dollars to create an electronic job bank for “green” jobs.

The money will help people looking for work in renewable energy and related fields find the training and education they’ll need. Roger Therrien of the Connecticut Department of Labor says first the states will identify what a green job is. He says many of these jobs will entail weatherizing homes to make them more energy efficient, but they’ll also focus on solar, wind,  geothermal systems  and fuel cell production.  Therrien says besides defining green jobs the state will also use the money to identify which skills are most needed.

“From there we’ll be able to provide that information to educators and training-providers so they can incorporate that into their curriculums and help train people to give them the knowledge and skills to perform this type of work.”

Besides the money for the state, two job-training programs are receiving federal funding. Workplace Inc. in Bridgeport will receive close to $60,000 to expand job training programs with a focus on the green economy. In addition the Hartford-based group, Co-opportunity, will receive nearly $70,000.