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An Evening of Stars
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Meghan Foehl at the Palais on opening night. Photo by Meghan FoehlYesterday was a busy day. At around 11, the two other interns with me, Steven and Will, were attempting to find the penthouse, which ITN rented out to meet Steven Kimbrough, one of our bosses. We were able to locate the building, but needed to contact someone inside to get buzzed in, so a nice French gentleman assisted us despite our language barrier. Once inside, we met Kimbrough. The name of his film company is Black Kilt Films, and as soon as you see him you know why. Kimbrough has been to Cannes for six years and is known as the man who wears a black kilt. Although it seems silly, this small gesture has helped him gain infamy with some of the locals.

Kimbrough gave us a tour of Cannes, pointing out some of the local hot spots, meeting places and underground film hangouts. He gave us insider tips, which actually proved to come in handy later on that night, and addressed our roles as interns. For ITN, we will be helping to host and document their party, which occurs on Sunday May 16th, as well as Kimbrough’s which later in the week, and assisting Kimbrough with his 24 hour film challenge. Each year, Kimbrough holds a filmmaking challenge to any participant who wishes to sign up. For 50 Euro, you select a title and genre, and have twenty-four hours to put together a film. Once done, a jury selects a winner, and the films are screened at Kimbrough’s party at the SeaSide Restaurant that sits on the beach of the French Riviera.

Russell Crowe and other stars enter the Robin Hood premiere. Photo by Meghan FoehlLast night was the opening screening of the festival, which just so happened to be Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Although we weren’t able to get 8:00 premier passes, we were lucky enough to secure tickets to the 11:30 showing right afterwards. So Steve, Will and I got all decked out (Red carpet, invitation only events require tuxes with bow ties and formal gowns) and headed down to the Palais, to watch the stars come. Kimbrough had informed us that if we waited in the lobby of the Majestic Hotel, we might gain tickets to the 8:00 premier, so we headed there first. Although we didn’t get passes, we stood around with a lot of very important people, though we didn’t know that at first. As they all left the Majestic and headed towards the Palais, we followed and then realized that we had been standing with the jury of the Cannes, including Kate Beckinsale, and Shekhar Kapur, a leading Indian filmmaker. We also watched Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Eva Longoria Parker, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek walk the red carpet into the premier.

Eventually, we finally got into the 11:30 showing but not before it started to rain. I stayed huddled up under someone’s umbrella waiting for the show. The inside of the Palais is gorgeous, with thick pink seats and a huge stage and screen for showings. Robin Hood was not what I was expecting, but I also need to watch it again to really make up my mind. It opens in US theaters on May 14th and I encourage you all to go see it and form your own opinions!

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