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Ethnic Festivals of Connecticut
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WNPR has collaborated with the Institute for Community Research  to cover some of the many ethnic festivals in the state.  Find out more about these local communities and their cultures and customs:

Ehden Lebanese American Festival - August 2009
In Lebanon, Maronite Christians make up nearly 40 percent of the country’s population. And that population has strong roots in Connecticut.

Waterbury Cape Verdean Festival - June 2009
Ask a Cape Verdean what makes their homeland so special and they’re likely to respond with one answer — fellowship.

Proud to be Polish  - December 2008
WNPR Producer Catie Talarski takes you on a journey to get in touch with her roots, while learning more about the Polish community in Connecticut. 

A Peruvian Procession in Hartford - November 2008
The second largest Latino group in Connecticut are the Peruvians.  Approximately 3000 live in the greater Hartford area, with close to 30,000 throughout Southern New England.

Hmong New Year - November 2008
Find out more about the Hmong community with Anne Fadiman, author of "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down".  Also, local Hmong advisor and spiritual leader Buoa Tong Xiong talks about the annual News Years celebration, and the challenges that the Hmong community faces in Connecticut.

Laotian Festival - July 2007
Photos from the annual festival at the Laotion Buddhist Temple in Morris, CT


The Connecticut Ethnic Festivals Audio/Slideshow Project is a collaboration with the Institute for Community Research, and is supported by the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Institute for Community Research, and WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio