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Today we had a stellar team of environmental gurus in studio - Yale's Dan Esty and Nature Conservancy CEO Mark Tercek.  Overall, they seemed positive about how the Obama administration will deal with environmental issues.  On the local level, however, Esty sees "serious problems" with the proposals Governor Rell has put forward.  Some of these proposed cuts, including energy efficiency investments, are short term solutions, he says, that don't provide long term answers.

Interesting in such a volatile economic period that issues like "global warming" fall to the bottom of people's priorities.  Our experts, and others, insist that investing in "green" industries and infrastructure (including the electric grid) will not only bring immediate jobs, but will have long-term benefits to the planet.  It doesn't help (and isn't surprising) that "green" industries like solar and wind power are currently getting hit hard by the credit crisis.  And, as some of our callers mentioned, many people want to do their part - in ways like retrofitting their houses or businesses - but they're having a hard time finding the resources.

Mike Trahan, Executive Director of Solar Connecticut, send along these links as local resources:

Info on State of Connecticut program that offers no money down home solar system leases.

Info on numerous state of Connecticut energy efficiency and clean energy programs

And of course, you can find information at the Nature Conservancy

The New York Times had a great article this weekend outlining former President Bush's environmental legacy - and what President Obama will be tackling when it comes to issues of climate, air, water and land.