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Environmental Agency is Doing More with Less
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State environmental advocates held their annual summit today to discuss their strategy for the upcoming legislative session. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.

Connecticut’s environmental Commissioner told the crowd her agency is doing more with less. For the past several years a top priority for the environmental community has been to increase funding for the Department of Environmental Protection. But this past year the D.E.P. lost 69 employees to early retirement and only has funding to replace 25 of them.

Commissioner Amey Marrella says the agency has figured out how to do certain tasks, such as inspections of some industries, in half as much time:

“This is without changing in any way what the environmental requirements are. The environmental bar is up here. We can just get to that more efficiently.” But Marrella also says the agency is in charge of new programs without having the staff to implement them, such as electronic waste recycling, and the newly expanded bottle bill.

For WNPR I’m Nancy Cohen.