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Environmental Advocate to Head Regional EPA
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced the appointment of a new regional administrator for its New England office.

The Obama Administration has chosen an environmental advocate to head up the E.P.A.’s regional office. Curt Spalding spent the past twenty years directing Save the Bay, a grassroots Rhode Island–based environmental group focused on protecting the Narragansett Bay. The group has fought to improve sewage treatment near the shore, opposed liquefied natural gas facilities from being built on  waterways, and restored eel grass beds along with fish runs. The group has emphasized educational and community activities, including an annual swim across the bay.  Curt Spalding began his career nearly thirty years ago as an outreach worker for the E.P.A.

Regional Administrators are appointed by the President. So far the Obama Administration has announced the appointments of only half of the regional offices