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Environment Connecticut Calls for Stricter Pollution Regulations
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In a report released today Environment Connecticut is calling on factories and other industrial facilities to reduce their use of toxic chemicals. The group is also asking the US Environmental Protection Agency to be more restrictive when it issues permits to industry. 
In its report, Environment Connecticut says businesses dumped nearly 440,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into the state’s waterways in 2007. The group based its findings on the most recent statistics from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The agency got their numbers from the companies themselves, who have legal permits for these discharges. Environment Connecticut calls Pfizer the states “largest reported polluter in Connecticut in 2007”, pointing to the 178,000 pounds of waste legally released into the Thames River that year. In a written statement  Pfizer said the releases were conducted in accordance with all applicable permits and regulations. And that since this data was collected the company has stopped manufacturing next to the river.

Environment Connecticut also points out that 1300 pounds of waste were released by other companies into the Quinnipiac River. Despite these numbers fewer pollutants are dumped into rivers and streams in Connecticut than most states in the country. But Nancy Pyne of Environment Connecticut said no waterways should be polluted.
“None of the states in the country should have to be  dealing with water contamination, especially  contaminants that can cause cancer, reproductive issues and developmental issues as well. “
Environment Connecticut is calling on the government to require chemical manufacturers to test all the chemicals they make for safety and provide that information to the public.