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Energy Bill Aims to Cut Costs and Increase Access to Green Energy
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 WNPR's Ray Hardman spoke with Christopher Phelps, Program Director of Environment Connecticut, about the Energy Bill that passed in the State Senate on May 4, 2010.  

According to Phelps, the bill outlines energy management reforms that will support the gradual creation of renewable energy sources and control rates for consumers.  

"It's not just clean energy . . . It's also an attempt to work with consumers advocates . . . to really get a handle on Connecticut's electric costs in particular," said Phelps.


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Energy Bill



Does this new bill address the monopoly that United Illuminating (in my area) has on the distribution charges that the comsumers are forced to to pay?  Why is this state allowing a monopoly in distribution?  Why is the distribution charge now more than the electricity charge?  Why isn't this issue being addressed?   This SHOULD be a part of the energy bill. Stop the MONOPOLY!!!!!