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Employers Hold Off on Hiring
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A new survey shows that most companies in Connecticut still remain cautious about hiring new staff. The vast majority are waiting to see if the recovery can be sustained. 

In this latest index from consultants Robert Half International, just 4% of chief financial officers surveyed in the Hartford and New Haven areas said they’re looking to hire in the fourth quarter. By contrast 12% are still looking to reduce their payrolls, while a full 82% say they anticipate no change. Those numbers are pretty close to those from across the nation where again more than 80% of companies are biding their time.

Josh Howarth is with Robert Half International in Connecticut - he says there’s still a lot of uncertainty.

"This is pretty typical for when we’re coming out of a recessionary time. As the economy starts to pick up, workload does pick up. Companies initially keep up with that through I think improved and increased productivity and output. Then they may go to adding temporary or consulting staff. But you know, after we see a good probably six to twelve month period of decent growth I think we’ll start to see the permanent hiring."

The survey questioned 200 chief financial officers in the state all from companies with more than 20 employees.