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Electric Boat Predicts Unstable Employment
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Groton shipyard Electric Boat says it’s likely to see a substantial amount of turnover in its workforce this year, as it lays off waterfront employees, but hires engineers and designers.  WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

Electric Boat President John Casey gave his overview of the year for the submarine yard, which is owned by General Dynamics.  He told an invited audience in Mystic that the cyclical nature of the submarine building and repair operation means that E.B. will likely have to lay off between three and four hundred employees this year, and furlough up to 200 more. This is largely because of a falloff in maintenance and repair work. Casey says until the yard begins to build two subs a year – something that’s in the Navy budget for 2011 – that instability will continue. 

But there’s better news for EB’s design and engineering work, as the yard continues to focus on developing next generation ballistic missile technology.  The yard will look to hire between three and four hundred employees on the design side this fall. 

EB currently employs more than 10,000 workers in Groton and Quonset Point, Rhode Island.  As tradespeople are rehired later this year and into next, that total may increase.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.