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Electric Boat to Hire Workers
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Groton shipyard Electric Boat will be hiring next year, and says its employment outlook is good through most of 2009. 

EB President John Casey had good news to report as he spoke to local legislators at the shipyard Tuesday.

What’s stabilized EB’s prospects is a contract that the shipyard says it hopes to sign with the Navy before the end of the year for the production of eight Virginia class submarines – included in its terms is the long sought goal of producing two subs a year by 2011.  Casey says this will be reflected in employment next year, as the shipyard hires 400 trades people, 200 engineers and 50 designers.

"In general, we have a very very healthy outlook.  In particular this next calendar year 2009 we have a very very stable outlook.  We have everything to feel good about – we’re going to be one of the companies that our community can continue to rely on."

Casey is projecting some cyclical fluctuations in job numbers towards the end of 2009 or into 2010, which could potentially mean the workforce dropping once again by around a thousand, but as in the past he says, that picture can always change.