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DPH and Cancer Partnership Conduct First-Ever Statewide Survey
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The state Department of Public Health has asked the Connecticut Cancer Partnership to conduct a state-wide survey to assess the needs of residents who have been diagnosed with Cancer.

Monika Doshi is from MATRIX Public Health Solutions, the New-Haven based company hired by DPH to conduct the survey. She says the information will help the state determine where it should focus resources, services and programs in the future.

"Some folks might have needs related to transportation - how do I get to my appointment? You know, who's going to take care of my children when I need to get to my appointment? Those might be very evident for folks who have recently been diagnosed. And then, you know, if you're five years out of treatment, and you're on recovery, if you're even at a point where you're cancer free, you're needs might shift. They might be related to some more psycho-social factors."

The American Cancer Society estimates Connecticut had more than 19,000 new diagnoses in 2008. The most common cancers were lung, breast and prostate.

Because there hasn't been a survey before, Doshi says the goal is to reach as many people as possible to assess the full range of needs. The survey, which is anonymous and can be taken online, is also available in Spanish.

Doshi says her company is currently in the process of analyzing the data it's received so far. A report is due to the state in August.

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