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Dodd Endorses Using Stimulus Money for Jobs
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Senator Chris Dodd was in East Hartford Monday to outline his plan to generate more jobs in Connecticut. WNPR's Ray Hardman has more:

Dodd took a tour of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology in East Hartford, and then offered his plan to get Connecticut back to work. Dodd hearkened back to the late 19th and early 20th century when Connecticut was a hub of innovation and manufacturing. He says the same spirit of ingenuity and enterprise is needed to bring lost jobs back to the state:

"The Eli Whitneys, the Samuel Colts, our own state's history.  The Stanley Works, Bridgeport, New Britain, they're all across this state, some of the creative, innovative ideas came in their day, what amounted to their barns, or their back yards, or their basements that made a difference in our country, put millions of people to work. We need to be just as innovative and just as creative, and we can be.  In fact, our talent pools today, i would argue are even richer today than they were a hundred years ago or two hundred years ago."

Dodd's plan is to use unused federal stimulus money to strategically pinpoint investments that will yield the most  jobs, including establishing clean energy business zones, increasing manufacturing, investing in transportation and sustainable development, and giving small businesses tax breaks and other incentives if they hire more employees.

For WNPR, I'm Ray Hardman.