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Dems Praise Budget Votes, Rell Considers Veto
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The General Assembly has passed a pair of bills aimed at closing the state's multimillion dollar budget deficit. But as WNPR's Ray Hardman reports, not everyone agrees the measures will fix the shortfall.

State lawmakers voted mainly along party lines to pass the Democrat's deficit mitigation plan, and a proposal to postpone cuts to the estate tax. The mitigation plan would make around $12.4 million in cuts, transfer millions of dollars from various funds, and maximize available federal funds.

Democratic leaders are hailing their plan, which they say will significantly shrink the deficit, while maintaining some 5,000 jobs they say would be cut in Governor Jodi Rell's mitigation plan. State House Speaker Chris Donovan says the General Assembly has done their part - the rest is up to the Governor:

"She gave us a total of 116 million dollars that we had to meet, we did meet that. She also, under her powers as governor can make some cuts as well, she's planning on doing that."

"It's disingenuous to say, 'Well now the governor has to go find it.'"

That's Governor Jodi Rell. She says she is disappointed that the legislature virtually ignored her own budget mitigation plan that would cut some $116 million in spending. Rell says yesterday's special session did very little to deal with the huge deficit facing the state:

"i gave them a plan last week that addressed the full budget deficit.  They literally tinkered around the edges and did not make the full cut. So, they have left about 150 million dollars of red ink still flowing."

Governor Rell says she wants to read the Democrat's plan carefully before issuing a veto.It's unclear whether there are enough votes in the general assembly for a veto override.

For WNPR, I'm Ray Hardman.