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Democrats Release Long-Term Job Growth Plan
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State democrats have released what they hope will be the basis of a long-term strategic plan to foster jobs growth in Connecticut. The report is the outcome of a series of roundtables held by the democratic leadership over several months.  WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

Most long-term trend reports show Connecticut failing to create new jobs faster than its losing employment in older industries.  Many economists fear that this points to a bleak future for the state unless some basic structural weaknesses are addressed. Now this democratic working group is recommending that the state focus on innovation and entrepreneurship by providing key tax credits and reinvesting in the idea of industry cluster. It also wants to see more investment in infrastructure and a clearer focus on science, engineering and math education. The jobs roundtables were the brainchild of House Majority leader Denise Merrill.

"Our effort was really to take people who know about these areas – to talk to some small manufacturers, to talk to some academics and other folks about what actually should be the priorities, because the harder part is to come down to brass tacks, and really come up with a set of priorities.  What do we do now, what do five years from now, what do we do ten years from now. We tried to set parameters."

Democrats now say they’ll aim to fold their ideas into a series of bills to be introduced in the upcoming session.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.