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Democrats Defend Their Budget
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The General Assembly's Democratic leadership is firing back at Governor Jodi Rell after she criticized their budget proposal.

The House and Senate leaders say theirs is the only budget on the table that is balanced. Their package relies on borrowing up to $500 million to close this year's deficit, and calls for higher taxes and spending cuts for the next two years. 

Senate President Don Williams said Rell is being dishonest when she criticizes their proposal, when her own budget was about $2.7 billion dollars short of current deficit estimates. "She misleads when she ignores the true size of the deficit and refuses to tell the truth to the people of Connecticut," Williams said. "I call on Governor Rell to start leading in the state of Connecticut. Stop misleading the public."

"Why they keep saying the governor is not doing her job is beyond me," said House Minority Larry Cafero. He says Democrats are deflecting criticism of their plan to raise taxes by more than $3 billion over the next two years. "Right now this is in the legislative court, that was their response. It's not good enough. Let's do our job."

Both Governor Rell and Democratic leadership have said that now is the time to launch serious budget negotiations, but no new meetings have been scheduled yet. 



The fact that the opening negotiation surrounding the unions is based on job security is telling of just how unknowing Rell is concerning the future of our economic situation.


Keep at this Williams...keep at it.


Let's hope for the world economies that they (Democrats) get it right first time.