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DeLauro On Economic Stimulus Plan
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Connecticut lost 30,000 jobs last year..and unemployment has risen to 7.1%.  Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was in New Haven on Monday to talk about how President Obama’s economic stimulus plan would help the state. She said with businesses in the red and families on the brink, there’s an urgent need to act quickly and boldly to get the economy back on track.  "First that means putting resources in the hands of people most likely to spend them quickly,  and to provide relief to those most in need "
DeLauro says The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act focuses on job creation and reducing cuts to critical services. 95% of American workers would get an immediate tax cut.  Connecticut would receive more than 390 million dollars for highways and bridges.  Funds would be targeted to education and health care.  DeLauro says there’s also help for states and municipalities facing massive mid-year budget shortfalls. "You’ve got police, fire, schools, emergency rooms and we do have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep further cuts in these services."

DeLauro says an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability is built into the package.  The plan was approved by the US House of Representatives and heads now to the Senate.  DeLauro says she hopes a bill will be on President Obama’s desk by the end of next week.