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Debut of "Where We Blog"
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It's pretty exciting for me.  Since June of 2006, Where We Live has been a daily source for conversation about Connecticut and how it fits into the world.  Since our new website launched early this year, we've been doing a better job of getting you to join us on the web - but without a daily blog, it's kinda hard.  So, today we bring you Where We Blog.

We'll give you updates on stories we've been covering, we'll let you know what's coming up so that you can better add your questions or comments, and you can add your voice to the daily conversation.  We'll provide links to some of the research and articles we use to prepare, and we'll use your great ideas, too. 

Mainly, we just want your help in covering the stories and topics that are most interesting and newsworthy.  Not everything we blog about here will make it "on air" - but this dialogue will inform what we do, and how we do it.  I'm happy to take suggestions and ideas about how to make it better. 

Anyway, we start..........now!