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Debate reactions?
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...post 'em here.  We'll discuss tomorrow morning with Bill Curry and Dean Pagani.  Is your mind changed?  Do you understand the candidates' policies any better?  On health care, or the economy?  The "fact checker" on npr.org is pretty interesting. If you'd rather call than comment - go for it.  860-275-7266...I'll be there at 9am.  Talk to you in the morning.  


Email from Berri Gerjuoy

Thanks so much for the intelligent and thoughtful discussion about last night's debate.  It is so nice (and refreshing!) to hear commentary from people representing both major political parties that offers insight rather than invective.  Bill Curry and Dean Pagani are great; they work together well even when they disagree.  Yet another reason to support WNPR!

Email from Lenny Santarsiero

I view the election and its dynamics from the perspective of the country, and indeed our world, going through a classic paradigm shift.  From climate change, to energy, to economic systems and assumptions, to major cultural shifts - America and the world are changing! 

This works in favor of Senator Obama and against Senator McCain.  As McCain tries to raise doubts about Senator Obama, I believe that this is like a horse and buggy maker  trying to make automobiles sound like a much too risky a proposition.