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Debate Over Ash Landfill Heats Up
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The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority sent a letter this week to Franklin residents to give an update of its investigation of a proposed site for a new landfill there. The letter was sent just days before a public hearing scheduled for tomorrow at the Capitol on a bill that would stop the landfill from being built.

State Senator Edith Prague explains her proposed bill in plain language:

“I’m trying to keep CRRA out of there.”

By “there” Prague means 100 to 150 acres in Franklin where CRRA wants to build a new landfill to replace the one that was just closed in Hartford. The  landfill would contain ash from some of the state’s trash to energy plants .

“They want to dump this ash residue that has all kinds of pollutants in it on this beautiful pristine piece of property that’s right near the banks of the Shetucket River and the Shetucket River is a source of drinking water for the town of Sprague.

But Paul Egan of CRRA points out that state environmental regulations would actually require this landfill to be built on top of an aquifer that has enough water to carry any unexpected leaks  into a river. Although it would be against regulations to build on top of an aquifer that big enough to provide drinking water

“Essentially what we will have to demonstrate is that the groundwater flow under the landfill will move in a direction from the land fill to the Shetucket River and that zone of influence, if you will, will not impact any public or private drinking water wells in the area. “

CRRA says it’s taking  longer than expected to complete a critical test to determine  the size of the aquifer. In the meantime, opponents continue to fight the proposal.