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A Dangerous Driving Dilemma
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Some passionate, funny and sad testimony from callers on our program about elderly drivers.  Rose, sharing her story about being the type of "cautious" driver who won't change lanes on the highway - even if that means getting off on the wrong exit.   Carol, discussing the family member she lost to an out-of-control elderly driver. 

With a program like this, I'm always worried about balancing the very real concerns that we all have about people who just shouldn't be driving - with the chance that we'll lump an entire group of "older" people into one big stereotype.  

Several of our guests suggested that it's not really age that's the problem - it's health.  That's why this story by our Hartford Courant buddy Susan Campbell, and a similar one by WBUR's Sacha Pfeiffer were so interesting.  The women got to try on an "aging simulation suit" meant to give us younger folks a sense of what it must be like to drive while impaired by age.

Below, a video of Pfeiffer's experiement from WBUR.org.