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CT Students Score Well on SATs
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State education officials released the 2009 S-A-T exam results on Tuesday.

Overall, Connecticut’s public school seniors continue to perform well on the S-A-T, a standardized assessment test used in the college admissions process.  Reading and writing levels are above the national average.  Though math scores increased slightly this year, they remain below the national average.  Stubborn performance gaps persist between Connecticut’s black and Hispanic students,  and their white and Asian counterparts. 

State Department of Education spokesman Tom Murphy.

"The business community continues to tell us that our future workforce in Connecticut will be from our cities.  So we have not only an economic imperative, but a moral imperative to take steps to address the needs of children of poverty and principally minority students."

More and more colleges and universities now accept the A-C-T test as well as, or in place of the S-A-T.  And new data show more and more Connecticut seniors opting for the A-C-T.  Connecticut’s A-C-T composite score is the second highest in the nation.