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CT State Park Supporters Lobby for Fee Decreases
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Today, friends of Connecticut state parks will gather at the state Capitol to lobby legislators to reconsider a 100% increase on state parks entrance fees.

The costs doubled on October 1 under a proposal passed last session by the Legislature and Governor Rell. What does that mean for you? If you frequented popular shoreline parks like Hammonasset in Madison, you'll pay $20 per car. Inland parks, a fee of $14 up from just $7.

That's not sitting well with park advocates including Eric Hammerling, Executive Director of the CT Park and Forest Association.

WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil reached him by phone.


ABSURD!!!   $10 for a town



$10 for a town beach pass, where I pay taxes

$14 for a day pass to a state park beach, i.e. Rocky Neck , Hammo....really, on top of my town pass, hmm???


guess my kids will be running wild with the sprinklers.... give me a break