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CT Republicans Ask for Local Mandate Relief
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When the state legislature meets in special session next week, Republican leaders hope to pass a mandate relief package for Connecticut cities and towns, in response to concerns from Connecticut mayors and First Selectmen.

The plan will include delaying the in-school suspension requirement until July 2012, delaying the "raise-the-age" mandate for Juvenile offenders, and lifting a moratorium on school construction funding.

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney says these are not new issues, but they do need to be resolved because mandates create further financial burdens upon cities and towns.

He also says they're also one of the largest drivers of property tax increases.

"We need to provide relief to the citizens, its not just our towns in cities remember, it's every single property taxpayer out there who is going to bear the burden of these mandates," says McKinney. "And I hope that the Democrats will see the light, and join us in providing the relief that many of them have talked about, but few, if any of them, have actually voted to implement."

In a statement, House Speaker Chris Donovan says he will consider the Republicans' suggestions.

Donovan says the budget that passed two weeks ago includes requirements for protecting municipal funding. He also says the moratorium on school construction projects will be lifted.