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CT Lawmakers Want CRRA to Find Alternative to Franklin
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State lawmakers are speaking out in opposition to a proposed ash landfill in the town of Franklin. They're asking the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority to look for alternatives.

CRRA has had its eye on a piece of property in Franklin, right off the Shetucket River. CRRA president Tom Kirk says, so far, it's the only eligible spot in the state to build a new ash landfill.

But Connecticut officials including State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and Governor Jodi Rell, want the agency to find an alternative. State Senator Edith Prague agrees.

"It's not a place for them to put a landfill, and absolutely destroy that piece of land," says Prague.

Prague whose district includes Franklin, sponsored legislation that would have stopped the landfill from going forward. The bill passed the House and Senate, but was vetoed by Rell in June.

Prague says CRRA needs to continue to dump the Ash in the Putnam landfill. But more importantly, she there needs to be a way to recycle and reuse the ash to create road-building blocks.

"You know we keep doing this same darn thing, year after year after year, burn stuff in the incinerator, have all this ash that we have to bury," says Prague. "We have to leave this planet, and Connecticut is very much part of this planet, cleaner than what will happen to it if we don't change the way we do things."

The CRRA is interested in recycling the ash, but the process isn't permitted by the state department of Environmental protection because of toxins in the ash.

Senator Prague says she'll push for legislation that would establish a set of regulations to allow for the process.

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