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CT Auto Dealers Put At Risk by "Cash For Clunkers" Program
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The federal "Cash for Clunkers" program has been successful in the state. Under the program, formally known as the Cash Allowance Rebate System, people can bring in their old low-mileage car or truck and get up to $4,500 dollars in credit towards buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle .

Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association President James Fleming says the program has been a boon to auto retailers in the state, but he says they're worried that the government is taking too much time to process applications, and award the credit.

"The crucial issue that face car dealers right now, is that they're laying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in essence subsidizing the federal government under this program," Fleming says. "And because so much money has been laid out, dealers are withdrawing from the program."

Fleming and State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal have sent a letter to U.S Department of Transportation secretary Raymond La Hood, asking him to reform these practices.

They want to see the government expedite and streamline the application process. They also believe the program should allow consumers to keep their old vehicles while they wait for approval. And finally, Blumenthal and Fleming want clarification on when the federal program will end.

The Obama administration has said the $3 billion program will exist as long as funds remain available.