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CRRA to Recycle More Kinds of Plastic
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The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority announced today it’s expanding the type of materials it’s able to recycle. This could help increase the state’s recycling rates.

Connecticut has a goal to recycle 58% of what gets thrown out. At this point the state is a little more than half way there.

Starting next year the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority will be able to recycle every kind of food and beverage plastic container, including the white and yellow plastic tubs that dairy products come in.

Paul Nonnenmacher of CRRA say the market for those recycled materials has grown.

“We’re talking about things like cottage cheese containers, yogurt tubs, margarine tubs. Most of the plastics we’re talking about here are made from number 5 or 6 plastic."

Nonnenmacher says CRRA isn’t able yet to predict the impact on recycling rates, but he says he expects the Authority’s  64 cities and towns will be throwing out less.