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CRRA To Recycle More Kinds of Plastic
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The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority is expanding the kinds of plastic containers that its customers can now recycle. This will affect dozens of cities and towns near Hartford.

Up until now, CRRA has been able to recycle plastic water and soda bottles along with milk jugs. But starting this Saturday Paul Nonnenmacher of CRRA says about one million residents living in 64 cities and towns will also be able to recycle most food and beverage containers.

“All those yogurt containers and ketchup bottles, cream cheese containers and sour cream tubs that had been going in the garbage will now be able to be recycled. The reason we’re able to do this is we last year located a buyer who was willing to enter into a long-term agreement to purchase these new types of plastics from us.” 

The recycling business depends on buyers who are willing to pay for used materials. In this case the food containers will be made into plastic lumber. There is some plastic CRRA cannot recycle: styrofoam, plastic bags as well as motor oil and fertilizer containers.

For WNPR, I'm Nancy Cohen.