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Craigslist Will Eliminate "Erotic Services" Section
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Craigslist has agreed to changes proposed by a coalition of state attorneys general that will eliminate ads for prostitution and pornography. 

In one week, the erotic services section on Craigslist will no longer exist. In its place will be a new adult section that Craigslist will manually review.  

The changes come after Connecticut attorney General, Richard Blumenthal and his counterparts from other states met with Craiglist officials last week seeking an end to advertisements for illegal sexual activities.

Blumenthal says the agreement with Craigslist is just one step towards making the Internet safer.

"But it's not a complete or ultimate solution,  the anonymity and breadth and power of the Internet makes complete solutions virtually impossible."

Pressure on Craigslist to remove the ads came after a medical student in Boston was charged with the killing of a masseuse whom he met on the website.