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CPBN Media Lab Covers The Connecticut Film Festival
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Hey guys, I'm Meghan. This summer I'm interning with CPBN, specifically working within the Media Lab. During the school year I attend Emerson College in Boston, MA as a film production major. 

My love of movies and the arts has led me to volunteer with the Connecticut Film Festival this week. The festival is held in Danbury, CT from June 2nd through June 7th, with films submitted by a variety of artists. This year the festival has become a "multi media extravaganza" covering not only films, but music, interactive and screenwriting. It's my goal to provide you with coverage from the festival, with interviews from local artists, filmmakers, directors, volunteers and Film Festival executives. I hope to provide you with a behind the scenes look at what occurs in one of the hottest entertainment venues this summer. 

I'll also be livestreaming from Danbury with interviews and my own personal video blogs. To watch the clips, click on the Menu tab in the lower right hand corner. From there, select Browse On Demand Library, and choose a feed to play! 

Starting on Wednesday (6/3), I'll be exploring the sites and sounds of downtown Danbury and reporting what I've experienced. Keep checking in for new article posts, video links and still images of the festival, but in the meantime, check out ctfilmfest.com for more information. Hopefully my findings will encourage you to go out and explore the festival for yourself!
Have a personal favorite film or an actor or director you want me to interview? Send me you thoughts, questions and comments by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.