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Courtney still not sure on bailout package
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We got a lot....a LOT of phone calls today for our show with Joe Courtney.  He was supposed to be in studio, but had to be in Washington by phone for the pending vote on the "bailout" bill.  He was the only member of the state delegation to vote it down earlier in the week - but he made it pretty clear that he wasn't trying to keep it from happening.

His point: There still aren't enough changes to help homeowners work out better deals through bankruptcy, and there's too much of a rush by Paulson and the gang to hand over money to Wall Street.  The callers seemed to agree, for the most part.  We had some interesting ideas - quite a bit of exasperation - and a call from UConn economist Steve Ross.  Courtney actually wanted him to hang on, and share some ideas with his office.

As we left Joe Courtney, he was still waiting for the vote - and even after three attempts, he still didn't say how he might vote.  Strange note: Saw the DOW skyrocket all throughout the show, as the debate began on the floor...wonder what happens if there's another "no" vote before the market closes...