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Courant Cuts 100 Jobs
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The Hartford Courant is to cut 100 more jobs, and has begun with layoffs of some high profile reporters.

The Courant is owned by embattled Chicago media group Tribune, which went into bankruptcy in December.  Thirty newsroom employees will lose their jobs in this latest round of cuts, including environment reporter David Funkhouser, DC based Jesse Hamilton and senior political correspondent Mark Pazniokas.  He’s been covering the Capitol for more than 20 years. 

"I’ve been the face of the paper on a lot of big political stories for a long time, and that’s going to be gone.  There was a dwindling number of us that have been around long enough to put things into a certain perspective.  We’re also going to do without any presence in Washington, so I’m not sure how the paper goes about covering members of the congressional delegation, or how it goes about covering what I was very much looking forward to covering – a very interesting political years in 2010." 

These layoffs bring the newsroom staff at the paper down to 135 – just over half of its size one year ago.  Deep cuts in staff last July were accompanied by a 25% drop in the number of news pages in the paper.  Publisher and CEO of the Courant Stephen Carver did not return a call for comment.