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The Countdown Begins...
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The "countdown" I'm talking about isn't to the end of our fundraiser...but I'm glad that's happening, too.  During the countdown to the election, Where We Live is getting ready for a big week full of political conversations.

On Monday, we're visiting with the five Connecticut congressional candidates from the Green Party.  Each of these guys has had trouble getting into debates, and getting their names out there - but the fact that the party is running a full slate is pretty impressive.  Leave us questions here for the candidates.  (Oh, and CTN will be here.  Should be a lively TV show.)

Tuesday, we'll take questions for NPR health policy correspondent Julie Rovner.  She's got a new book out about health care and politics, and we'll try to decode claims from the campaigns about their health care plans.  

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr is getting shut out of the race in Connecticut - and he's not happy about it.  We'll have his campaign manager on Wednesday to talk about it.  

On Thursday, we're going to Suffield, a "swing town" that has about equal numbers Republicans and Democrats, with a healthy mix of unaffiliated voters thrown in.  We'll be live at the Kent Memorial Library, and we'd love it if you could join us.  Email us if you'd like to attend: wherewelive@wnpr.org.  We'll be talking about small town dynamics in a time of political division, and we'll talk to residents about the issues they wish they could ask the candidates - if only they'd visit our little blue state.

To round out the week, we'll be talking Consitutional Convention - and the idea of ballot initiative.  We hear from ctnewsjunkie.com that Chris Carsuso doesn't support the convention, but clearly many others do, including Governor Rell.

Anything else you want us to talk about?  Leave a comment and let us know - we can't wait to talk!