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The Connecticut Basement Tapes Project: Frederic March
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WNPR’s Morning Edition rummages through the Connecticut Basement Tapes and brings you a voice that is well known to WNPR listeners. Back in 1973, an up and coming announcer on WTIC radio named Bill Henry landed an interview with academy award winning actor Frederic March and his wife, actress Florence Eldridge, on the patio of their New Milford home. His name might not be as well known today, but Frederic March had a Hollywood career that spanned silent films to his final movie in 1973. In between he landed leading roles in the films "Inherit the Wind", "A Star is Born", for which he won a Best Actor Oscar, and "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" for which he won yet another Oscar.

Greta Garbo and Frederic March

We want for your input for The Connecticut Basement Tape Project. Start scouring your basement or attic and dust off your tape, CD, vinyl, 78, video, whatever format, we’ll make it work. Tell us your basement tape story.



I would like to hear the whole interview too. The Oscar mistake in your piece is pretty glaring. He won for Dr Jekyll... in 1931 and Best Years... in 1946. He certainly should have won for the 1937 Star Is Born, but did not. He was also a great stage star...originating the role of the father in the first Broadway production of Long Day's Journey into Night, co-starring with Florence, for which he won the second of his 2 Tonys. WHAT A CAREER.

Fredric March interview

I am a big fan of Fredric March's films and would like to hear the whole interview.  Any chance in playing the entire 1973 interview?  I would like to mention that the two Oscars that March had won were for the films "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" and "The Best Years of Our Lives."  He did not win an award for "A Star Is Born," only nominated.  

Bill Henry

What cracked me up about this interview is that Bill sounds exactly the same today as he did 35 years ago.