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Conn Company To Make Swine Flu Vaccine
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A Connecticut company developing a swine flu vaccine says it will press ahead with the work, but funding for the project is likely to go to big overseas pharmaceutical firms.

Protein Sciences of Meriden says it’s been in contact with the Centers for Disease Control, and is already in the initial stages of preparing a vaccine to combat the swine flu. The company makes the regular shots that are commonly offered in flu season, and it’s putting that same technology to work on the current outbreak. But CEO Dan Adams says its likely that government dollars to fund the effort will go to the big pharma companies like Swiss based Roche and Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline. 

"The CDC spends a lot of time with us, and they have great confidence in us, and they should.  We made the first bird flu vaccine back in 1998, so we’ve already shown the CDC and NIH that we can do this. But funding comes from other government agencies, and that we haven’t heard about – as far as we know they’re only talking to big companies." 

Protein Sciences uses a newer, cell based technology to develop vaccines that’s quicker and cleaner than the more traditional method using eggs. The company says it would take around six weeks to have the medicine ready to go.