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Conference on Smart Growth Promotes ‘Walkable’ Cities
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A group promoting strategies for “smart growth” is holding a conference on March 18th in Hartford. The meeting will discuss ways to promote communities with village centers and a variety of transportation options.

When you ask Sue Merrow of the group "1000 Friends of Connecticut" what 'smart growth' is she points out what it isn’t: development that eats up farmland or that results in vacant downtown store fronts and empty strip-malls. Merrow says her group is pushing for environmentally-friendly development policies.

“When you’re going to have a new development that you put it where there are already streets and there are already sewer lines and where there’s already transportation. Instead of putting it out in the woods where you not only chew up the green fields and the woods, but spend a whole bunch of money putting those sewer lines and those streets out there.”

The conference, sponsored by “1000 Friends of Connecticut” will have workshops in how to make Hartford a walk-able community and how to incorporate bicycling into transportation projects.