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Two Romanian citizens have been extradited to Connecticut to face charges in a broad international computer fraud scheme.

The men are among seven Romanians charged with using the  Internet to steal identities, social security numbers and credit card information from American citizens.  One member of the group was extradited, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison earlier this year.

The fraud was discovered in 2005 when a counterfeit e-mail, appearing to originate from People’s Bank in Bridgeport, CT  was sent to a resident of Madison.  Further investigation revealed similar schemes involving Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, eBay and PayPal.

US Attorney Nora Dannehy says the federal government will aggressively pursue international computer fraud.  " By launching an attack against a United States resident or United States companies from overseas doesn’t mean that the laws can’t reach those people. But individuals also need to be careful when responding to e-mail messages asking for personal information to insure the validity of those messages."

Law enforcement agencies in Canada, Romania, Croatia and the US worked together on the investigation.