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Coalition Backs Measures to Create ‘Green’ Jobs
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State legislators joined environmental groups, solar installers, and representatives from area colleges today to promote the development of 'green' jobs.

More than a dozen environmental groups, including the Connecticut Fund for the Environment and Transit for Connecticut, have formed the Green Jobs Coalition. Its goal is to promote new policies that would reduce energy consumption and employ more people. The group is backing policies that would build long-term stability in the state’s solar energy program, create stronger bus and train-based transit systems, and stimulate sustainable agriculture and forestry. House Speaker Chris Donovan says if Connecticut can reduce energy costs through renewable energy it could create jobs at the same time.

“We have a real opportunity here. We can deal with the environment, we can deal with energy costs and we can create jobs. There’s federal funds available, there’s state funds available. We need to just do what ever we can, be creative and help spur this new growth industry in the state.”

Some environmental groups would like lawmakers to develop new funding mechanisms that would loan homeowners, municipalities and businesses the funding for renewable energy, such as solar. And allow these entities to pay back the loan over time as they receive the economic benefits of lower energy costs.