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Environmentalist Say Governor’s Plan Would Affect Programs
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Governor Jodi Rell’s deficit mitigation plan calls for transferring millions of dollars from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund into the General Fund. Environmental advocates are holding a press conference Monday to criticize the proposal. The Clean Energy Fund, which pays for solar and wind energy projects, is assessing how the change would affect its programs.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund gets its money from electric ratepayers, who pay on average about 70 cents a month into the fund. The Governor’s proposal would redirect $10 million from the fund to help erase the state’s budget gap. A spokesperson for the Governor says that money is considered a surplus and won’t affect the renewable energy program. But Lise Dondy, President of the Clean Energy Fund, says the staff and Board are considering what the impact would be.

“We need to go back and look at all of our programs and decide what can be cut and what needs to continue. Though I think every program will be affected in one way or another.”

Some environmental advocates say diminishing this fund will exacerbate economic instability in the state.  Meanwhile lawmakers are expected to vote on the Governor’s proposal on Wednesday.