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Chris Murphy Counters Ad Campaign Claims
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Fifth District Congressman Chris Murphy is speaking out against an ad campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a national business lobbying group. Murphy is one of a dozen members of Congress, targeted by the group for their vote on the House health care reform bill. WNPR's John Dankosky has more.

The spots have the familiar look and tone of a campaign attack ad: a grainy picture of the Democrat, with a dire voice over warning about the costs of the House bill.

Speaking on WNPR's Where We Live, Murphy called some of the numbers in the ad "fiction" - including the claim of 500 billion dollars in new taxes. He says the anti-reform message sent by the US Chamber of Commerce is not in step with what he's hearing from local business leaders.

Murphy says the truth is that insurance companies will be less profitable under a house plan that puts tighter regulations on the industry, but he also said he would not support a bill that, in his words, "takes out" the insurance industry. Many of his constituents work in the insurance industry. He says that under the bill's insurance mandate, the insurers would end up with more customers than they currently have. Meanwhile, health reform advocates are running ads that counter the Chamber's message.