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Children's Advocacy Group Offers Budget Ideas
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While state lawmakers and the Governor are at odds over how to cover the state's growing budget deficit, a children's advocacy group has put forth their own proposal to balance Connecticut's books. WNPR's Ray Hardman has more:

Connecticut Voices for Children has identified $122 million in cuts in Governor Rell's mitigation plan that will directly harm programs and services that benefit children. Connecticut Voices for Children executive director Jamey Bell says the budget shouldn't be balanced by cuts alone:

"The one way i think of it myself is, using the Governor's family analogy, a family's income drops precipitously, what you do, she says, is you cut back.  That's not the only thing you do.  A family cuts back where they can, and they also look at increasing revenue into the family, and so the solution has to be balanced, and can't simply focus on one method, which is cutting services at the time when families and kids need them most."

The organization has come up with a package of proposals that could potentially generate over a billion dollars, including a one percent increase to Connecticut's Sales tax, a more progressive state income tax, and an evaluation of the state's tax expenditures. The Governor is defending her plan, and in a press release criticized the advocacy group's proposals, saying "These new and higher taxes would sound the death knell for economic activity in Connecticut".

For WNPR, I'm Ray Hardman.