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CBIA Survey Indicates Future Job Growth
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Almost half of the Connecticut employers questioned on a recent survey said they intend to add more permanent workers by the end of the year. As WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports, it’s the most upbeat outlook seen in over a year.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association received feedback from more than 360 companies for this latest quarterly survey. 48% expect economic conditions to improve, and more than half expect production and sales to increase. 45% say they’ll hire new employees this year. CBIA chief economist Peter Gioia says the good news on hiring seems to be broad based.

Gioia says the survey shows economic indicators have returned to where they were before the market meltdown of September 2008, but he says better credit conditions and fewer unemployment claims must be sustained for any credible economic recovery in the state.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.