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Bysiewicz Files Suit in Superior Court
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Questions over whether Susan Bysiewicz  is qualified to run for Attorney General have led her to file a lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court. 

In a room crowded with reporters and members of her campaign staff, the Secretary of the State announced she's filing the suit as a private individual and is paying for the legal expenses herself.  Bysiewicz's attorney is Wesley Horton.

"I'm asking the judge to say A. she complies with the statutory requirements and B. if you don't agree with that then the statutory requirements are unconstitutional except that she has to be an attorney, we do agree with that."

The suit comes after weeks of discussion sparked by a blogger who suggested Bysiewicz does not have ten years of active legal experience. Which is required for an Attorney General under state law. Bysiewicz says she disagrees and hopes this suit will clear the air.

"I believe that my private sector law work and my public sector law work make me more than eligible to serve as Attorney General."

Two weeks ago, Bysiewicz said she wouldn't seek a court ruling on the matter.  This came after an opinion from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that the state requirements were constitutional. At the press conference, Bysiewicz answered repeated questions from reporters about what changed of mind.

"I had continued conversations with the voters..it is a significant question in the minds of voters in this state and I think it's important to get an answer."

Her attorney, Wesley Horton is asking a judge to issue an expedited ruling before the state Democratic party's nominating convention in May.

Other Democrats running for Attorney General include former Democratic party chairman, George Jepsen and state Rep. Cam Staples. A Republican, John Pavia is also running.

For WNPR, I'm Lucy Nalpathanchil.

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