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Britain's Former Prime Minister's Wife Speaks to Law Students
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Mrs. Blair is known professionally as Cherie Booth QC, or Queen’s Counsel, a designation for  the most senior lawyers in England. While she specializes in human rights and women's rights, she also serves as a part-time judge.

Blair said the downturn in the economy might mean less employment opportunities and lower salaries for graduates. But she stressed the importance of pro bono work.

"The law should not and must not be only accessible to the intellectually or financially privileged. Everyone, whatever their personal circumstances, should have access to legal assistance, and usually it's those who need legal advice most, who are the least able to afford it."

Blair was brought up by a single parent, in the working class city of Liverpool. She's the first member of her family to ever attend university. She graduated first of her class at the London School of Economics, above her husband, who later became Britain's Prime Minister.

Cherie Blair is in the US to promote "Stop the Traffik," a global movement against human trafficking.