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Blumenthal Questions Plans to Reduce Healthcare for Immigrants
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State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has sent a letter to Governor Rell and legislative leaders raising questions over the constitutionality of paring back a healthcare program for 6000 legal immigrants in Connecticut.

The Governor's budget proposal eliminates funding for the State Medical Assistance Program for Non- Citizens. The program receives no federal dollars.  It was created in 1997 for permanent legal residents who have lived in the U.S for less than five years.  Rell's proposal, which makes an exception for non-citizens who need emergency care, would save the state $48 million dollars over two years. Under federal rules, permanent legal residents living here for more than five years can receive benefits through Medicaid and Husky Parts A and B.

But Attorney General Blumenthal says any proposal that limits funding could open Connecticut up to legal challenges. He says there's precedence that the idea violates equal protection rights.

"An elimination of the state funded medical assistance in Maryland was held to be unconstitutional b/c a federal program provided the same kind of medical assistance to citizens. So the Maryland decision provides support to anyone challenging action by the Legislature eliminating this critical medical assistance for legal non-citizens."

The Democrats latest budget proposal restores half of the program's funding to only cover routine care for pregnant women and children. House Speaker Donovan was unavailable to comment on Blumenthal's letter. The Governor's budget office says it's not clear there would be any problem implementing the proposed changes. 

3 dozen community groups who serve immigrants in Connecticut have also sent letters to Rell and the Legislature asking that the money be fully restored.

The same debate just ended last month in Massachusetts. Its legislature voted to restore some state aid to a program that provides healthcare to legal immigrants.  Originally all the funds were cut to help the Bay State's budget deficit.




Why should an illegal or

Why should an illegal or legal immigrant get anything.  My Mom raised 4 kids on her own after my Dad passed away when I was 10 had to pay health and dental isurance for all 5 of us; granted we received SS until we were 18 years of age, but my father paid into SS when he was living and working over 15 hours a day.  My Mom now 64 recently was laid off back in Dec '08 and now has to pay for Cobra insurance, has house taxes to pay  (becuase she was fiscally responsible and abe to purchase her own home) etc.... doesn't get State/Federal housing, heating assistance or food stamps.  Why do the lazy who pay nothing into the system reap the rewards of the hardworking reponsible taxpayers?

So let me get this

So let me get this straight....

They want to CUT the medical funding for the people that PAY to get into the country LEGALLY by aquiring visa's and permanent resident status to live, work and PAY TAXES HERE, but KEEP the funds to help ILLEGAL immigrants with the medical bills they create??

(Which by the way can be in the thousands as a lot of illegals come here to have their babies, which automatically gives them dual citizenship and entitles them to stay in the US!)

Am I the only seeing something seriously wrong with this picture?

this is rediculous

Essentially he's passing the bill to CT taxpayers. Why do we have to pay for the healthcare for illegals?

Blumenthal is not in his position to represent anyone but CT citizens. Anything else is an abuse of power.

Are the taxpayers going to pay for my healthcare? I'm an actual citizen, a property owner. If I don't pay my bills I am no longer a property owner.

Blumenthal is part of my government? A government of the people for the people (citizens)? It doesn't sound like it.


healthcare for immigrants

We have to stop confusing Legal Immigrants with ILLEGAL ALIENS. Bill thier native country for the care not the taxpayers. Why should they be eligible for all the rights of a CITIZEN just because they were able to sneak in ILLEGALLY!!!

Why should any legal or

Why should any legal or illegal immigrant get healthcare provided by the taxpayers?  The State should use the money to find the illegals and deport them, and let the "legals" pay for what they need.  The legals who are here on work Visa's are mostly insured by the companies where they work, so they wouldn't need the program.